Hydroponic Korean Natural Farming Bioponics

Korean Natural farming is an excellent system to create your own complete fertilizer for your garden. It works well in soil and I want to adapt it for soil-less and hydroponics. The effluent is digested by anaerobic bacteria and soluble to plants. It follows that since the minerals are available, they should register on an EC meter. Add ferments in the KNF feed schedule up to 1.0 EC in hydroponics and grow away.

The "Degree of freedom" is going to be dependent on Nitrogen. With the initial ferment to make effluent, coco coir would add carbon to make sure the N isn't too hot. Alternately, if there is a Nitrogen toxicity, simply reduce the green fermented plant extract while keeping the other inputs the same.

It also could be used with a hydroponic/organic hybrid. I would put my EC at 1.0 with salts and add the recommended KNF feed for soil with an existing nutrient charge. This would give the yield of salts, but add the beautiful taste and smell of KNF.

Happy Growing!

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