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DIY Regalia as a biostimulant and for PM

DIY foliar is simple and there are just some easy guidelines.

The base mix is either 15-30 ml insecticidal/Dr. Bronners soap or 2.5-5 ml sunflower lecithin per gallon as an emulsifier. Depending on your needs, you then add:

Agsil16- 1.5g/gal.
Neem oil- 15-30ml/gal.
Sodium/potassium bicarbonate- 2% by weight (1-2 tbs/gal.)
Essential oils- 3.25-15ml/gal.
Sulfur (wettable)-1-3 tbs./gal.
AGT-50 or Mr. Fulvic fulvic mineral complex- 0.5-1ml/gal.
Pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar)- 0.5-2ml/gal.
Brewer’s yeast- 0.5g/gal.
Potassium sorbate- 0.025% to 0.1%
Sodium benzoate- up to 0.1%
Citric acid/sodium citrate- up to 0.5%
Soy/canola oil- 15-30 ml
Isopropyl alcohol- 3.25-15 ml/gal
NPK fertilizer- 5-100ml/gal (RTU, not concentrate)

ALWAYS START LOW AND WORK YOUR WAY UP. Spray right before lights go out or in the dark. Always rinse plants the following day using just base spray until run off when using powders.

DIY Green Cleaner

1 gallon of RO water
30 ml cold pressed neem oil
30 ml Sal Suds/Dr. Bronners/Insecticidal Soap
36 ml 70% isopropyl alcohol


DIY Root Cleaner

1 gallon of RO water
15 ml cold pressed neem oil
15 ml Sal Suds/Dr. Bronners/Insecticidal Soap
18 ml 70% isopropyl alcohol

Mix 30ml homemade Root Cleaner/gal. H20 on Day 1 and Day 7 . Depending on container size, pour 2-3 cups of mixed Root cleaner solution (per 1 gallon container) at the base of each plant , than quickly water and soak the Root Cleaner solution into the media until it thoroughly irrigates through the bottom. Wait 20 minutes, than flush with water thoroughly to rinse your media. You must let your media dry for day than feed nutrients and beneficials. Do not over water or have any stale stagnant water sitting around.

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