Jadam Sulfur

How to make Jadam sulfur

1. Get a 110ℓ plastic (PE) container that is heat-resistant. Put in 25㎏ of sulfur, 0.5㎏ phyllite powder, 0.5㎏ red clay powder, 1.5㎏ sea salt. DO NOT use containers that cannot stand heat. Wear protective goggles, gloves, boots, and jacket. Stick to the instructions.

2. Put in 20㎏ of sodium hydroxide. Pour in exactly 50ℓ (㎏) of water. When hot, i.e. over 27℃, pour in 54ℓ (㎏). Pour in at once. If water is too small or the weather is too hot, the liquid can over-boil and spill. Take caution.

3. Stir with a 1.2m long wooden stick. Stir thoroughly, mix well, scrape the bottom.

4. As the heat rises above 80℃, sulfur starts to melt. Always have 1~2ℓ of water ready. In case the liquid overboils, immediately pour it in.

5. Check with the stick to make sure there are no remaining undissolved clumps in the bottom. Stir thoroughly. After about 20 minutes of heat, it will all melt.

6. Add 32ℓ more of water (If you used 54ℓ initially, add in 28ℓ). Stir well. Let sit for one or two days. Pour out clear liquid on top into thick-walled plastic containers. Seal tight and store. Use cloth to filter when pouring out the sediment part. No expiry.

7. For 500ℓ, use 0.5~2ℓ. For greenhouse, use from 0.5ℓ. For open fields, start from 1ℓ. Increase by 0.2ℓ when needed.

8. Use JS only after disease has broken out. Do not use continuously or it can damage the growth.

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