Jadam Wetting Agent

How to make no-heating JWA

1. Get a 110 L plastic (PE) that is heat-resistant. Wash it clean. Put in exactly 2.5L (㎏) of water. Add 3.2㎏ of potassium hydroxide. Shut the lid. Roll to dissolve the caustic potash. You must use soft water.

2. Pour in 18 L of canola oil, use an electric drill to mix until it becomes like a thin mayonaise. It takes about 10 minutes of mixing. In summer, mix well over 10 minutes. Weak drills do not work. You cannot mix with hands.

3. Close the lid and let rest for three days. It will become like butter. If it doesn't harden or separates into layers, drill again to mix until it becomes like mayo. In the winter, do it in a warm place.

4. Put in 20 L of water, use electric drill to separate all pieces from the walls of the container. Do not drill too much or it will turn into cream.

5. Add 60 L of water, use a clean stick to stir. Stir the entire volume. It will dissolve completely in about 24 hours. If you do this in a cold place, lumps can sink down and the dissolving process can be slow.

6. There is no expiry. Store in a tightly sealed bottle.

7. Use 3~15 L for 500 L.

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