The Cheapest And Easiest Nutrient Lineup

Let's take a look at some tissue samples and make an easy nutrient lineup for maximum yield.

BASE FERTILIZER: Jack's HydroFeed, Jacks 5-12-26/Cal Nit, or Jack's TAP

This slowly ramps up from veg to the end of flower


This contains fulvic, amino and organic acids and also makes IPM work better. It is used start to finish.

CALCIUM: Growmore Flowering Cal-Mag or Metalosate Calcium

Peak Ca consumption happens at transition and can be applied as a drench or foliar

BLOOM BOOSTER: Homemade Hammerhead

Used week 4-6 of flower

IPM: Insecticidal soap/Dr. Bronner's

Used along with the biostimulant in veg and transition

FLUSH: water or biostimulant/water

Last 2 weeks before harvest

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